Jan 31 2014

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Become The Victim Of Change

It is not uncommon when change is being implemented for people to “become the victim of change.” When something new is implemented or another form of change happens, people will say that they are the victims of change. They will say that the change was forced upon them and they had no control over it.

What is the victim of change mentality?

The victim of change mentality happens when people give control of their life over to others. When people take on the “victim of change” mentality, they fight or have a defeatist attitude towards change. They feel like whatever happens is out of their control. As the victim, they claim that they have no control over their life or what happens to them.

Become The Victim Of Change

You may hear people say things like, “What does it matter, I have no control over it anyway.” They may say, “Management, leadership, government, etc. just forces it upon us and they don’t even care what we think” Another common statement is, “Why do you want my opinion when you won’t listen to it or do anything about it anyway?” Each of these statements can be taken as an indication that the person believes he/she is the victim of change.

Why is this mentality bad?

When I think about the victim of change mentality, I also think about empowerment. When you are empowered, you believe that you can do anything you set your mind to. When you become the victim of change, however, your mindset changes to one of dependency on others.

You also join in on the blame game. It is never your fault because it is always someone else’s fault. Remember, you are the victim so it is not your fault. When you become the victim of change, you avoid personal responsibility. When you are empowered, you believe in 100% responsibility for good and bad. When you become the victim of change, you stop your progress.

How can you ensure that you don’t become the victim of change?

You can avoid the “victim of change” mentality by taking 100% responsibility for your actions. When things go well for you, it is a result of your actions. When things go bad, you own your choices that led to that outcome. When you take 100% responsibility, you believe that whatever happens to you is a result of your action or inaction. You believe that you earn your success or failure and that you have no one to blame but yourself.

How can you help others not to become the victim of change?

You can help others to not become the victim of change by teaching them about the benefits change and taking 100% responsibility. Their lives will be filled with greater peace because they won’t feel anger towards others as a victim would.

As a leader, you can also empower people by giving them responsibilities that will help them do more and improve. When they work on their assignments, give them guidance, but don’t be overly critical. Let them do what they can to be successful and then recognize them and their success.

Please share your thoughts!

Have you ever become the victim of change? What did you do to change your mentality? How have you helped others to not be the victim of change? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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