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Leadership Done Right – Weekly Wrap-up – 4/21/2012

In leadership there are many challenges.  Leaders always face trials as they try to do what is right.  Overall, leadership is not easy.  Leaders are the people that stand up when everyone else is sitting down.  They are up late and up early as they work hard to be the best leader they can be.Leadership Done Right - Weekly Wrap-up - 4/21/2012

Here at Leadership Done Right I try to create blog posts that will help you to be a better leader.  If you missed some of the posts or would like to re-read them, please check out the posts from the week.  Enjoy!

The First Rule Of Leadership – 4/15/2012

During the past week and a half my family and I were on a road trip.  Whenever we go on road trips my daughter likes to watch movies on the computer while we drive to pass the time.  Today, she watched A Bug’s Life.  While she was watching it, there was a line that stuck out to me.  There was a point when Flik made a mistake and spilled all the food into the water.  Hopper got really mad and went straight to Princess Atta.  He began asking Princess Atta what had happened and why the error occurred.  Princess Atta claimed she didn’t know what had happened and that it wasn’t her fault.  To that Hopper replied, “The first rule of leadership – It’s always your fault!” This is very true!

There are three things a leader should do to be able to take the blame.  More…

If You Think It And Visualize It, Will It Happen? – 4/16/2012

Through the ages, many people have said that if you visualize something, it will eventually come true.  This principle has been most commonly applied to wealth where people believe that if you visualize yourself rich, you will eventually become rich (e.g. (e.g. Think and Grow Rich, The Science of Getting Rich).

There was an article in the Wall Street Journal today called Can You Get Rich by Visualizing Yourself Rich? by Robert Frank that addressed the idea of visualization.  Robert wrote about Sara Blakely, the billionaire founder of Spanx, because she is a proponent of visualization.  Sara said, “I believe you can take mental snapshots of your future and what success looks like to you. If you mentally see yourself in a scenario, you’ll start to make decisions in your life that get you there.”  In addition to talking about the proponents of visualization, Robert also mentioned that many critics say visualization is just a flight from realism.  More…

Leaders, Are You Meeting The Needs Of Your Target Audience? – 4/17/2012

Recently, I did some work with another leader.  The work involved reevaluating processes and making changes.  One question asked over and over again was, “Who is our target audience and what are their needs?”  Prior to making any changes, we had to identify the target audience and their needs.  Meeting their needs was very important because we didn’t want to make a bunch of changes just to find out we weren’t hitting our goals.

For leadership to be done right, you must identify and meet the needs of your target audience.  Ultimately, if you don’t do this, you will fail as a leader.  So how do you identify and meet the needs of your target audience?  More…

Was It A Good Leadership Decision For Yahoo’s New CEO To Have Layoffs? – 4/18/2012

Scott Thompson, the new Yahoo CEO, held a conference call yesterday to report the first quarter earnings. He became the CEO in January, so it was his first time reviewing quarterly earnings with the shareholders. Since Scott Thompson took over, Yahoo’s stock value has lost 7% of its value. Yahoo, however, was struggling even before Scott became the CEO. Since he took over, Yahoo has not improved and continues to fall behind their competition. He is now being labeled as a struggling CEO.

Yahoo has many companies that are branches of their core business. Under Scott Thompson’s leadership, Yahoo will be shutting down or “transitioning” about 50 Web properties. In addition, Scott’s significant measures to reduce costs included his announcement earlier this month that Yahoo plans to lay off 2,000 employees. Yahoo also plans to have additional layoffs at some point in the near future. At the same time, when Scott Thompson became CEO, he was given the possibility of making $26 million this year if he performs well.  More…

Perform A Leadership Evaluation – 4/19/2012

In the last few years, there have been many leaders ranging from supervisors to CEOs that have let their standards slip a little at a time.  They slowly became deceitful and dishonest.  The lies and deception gradually grew to the point where it led to their downfall.  Some of them fell so deeply that in addition to losing their jobs, they got arrested and lost their freedoms.

Leadership is done right when leaders constantly seek improvement.  A great way to learn and improve is through periodic evaluations.  Evaluations help you to grow and learn so you can move forward and make appropriate changes in your behavior.  More…

What Is Your Leadership Agenda? – 4/20/2012

Tonight, my wife and I watched the reality show Survivor.  Survivor is a game where around 24 (sometimes more) people that are complete strangers are put into a remote area where they have to survive for 38 days.  During that time, they all live together in a small group or tribe as they call it.  Each day they have different games they play as tribes and then as individuals to earn immunity.  Every few days, they vote someone out of the game.  The grand prize for the winner is $1 million.  As we watched tonight, it was very interesting to see how everyone had a personal agenda of what they wanted and didn’t want from the tribe.  Some people wanted to be liked, while others wanted immunity at the next tribal council.  At the same time, there were others that just wanted to coast under the radar, so they could make to the end.  They all had their own agenda as to how they would make it to the end.

Just as with Survivor, every leader has their own leadership agenda. When they set their agenda, it may be thought out or it may just be how they evolved.  Their agendas are based on their backgrounds and views of leadership.  Once we understand some of the leadership agendas, we can better prepare our own leadership agendas.  You will find two examples below of leadership agendas I have seen in the workforce.  More…


This week was a great week here at Leadership Done Right!  There has been a lot of great interaction through comments and a lot of insights.  I really learn a lot from all of you as my readers and I hope I am able to help you some too.  What are your thoughts on this weeks posts?  What was your favorite post?  Please share your thoughts in the comments section below or on the individual post that you liked the most!

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  • Brian Johnston

    Think before acting, measure twice-cut once, validate, all of these make us look processional.

    Do it right the first time, and communicate results with all who must know.

    Do not be afraid of taking advice or suggestions from subordinates.


    Brian J


    • Welcome Brian,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts! You made some excellent points! I completely agree with you on the importance of doing your best to do things right. I also agree that it is very important to take suggestions from subordinates. You can learn a lot as a leader by listening to your subordinates. Their feedback will help you to succeed as a leader.

      I wasn’t quite sure what you meant by, “Think before acting, measure twice-cut once, validate, all of these make us look processional.” Can you please expound on what you mean and how those points make us look more “processional”?


  • Joona

    I liked the stuff posted here. Wishing you best of luck for your future.

    • Welcome Joona!
      Thank you for your support! I hope you continue to come back and share your thoughts!