Oct 30 2014

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What is Success to You?

This is a guest post by Mark Lee. He is an expert entrepreneur. He is a writer and blogger at Dissertation Help Love. His writes about self-motivation, leadership, management and business.

What is Success to You?

It’s a common practice to consult a dictionary when we need to know the meaning of a word in depth or in detail for better understanding. In many of the top dictionaries the meaning of success is slightly different. However, the commonality in each is that success is the “Achievement” of something wanted. The desire and wish of getting this success throughout the world is the same. It is certain that we all hunger to be successful in our life. However, the meaning of success is slightly diverse for every one of us.

General Perception of Success to You

To a few, achievement implies a decent paying employment, pleasant home, decent auto and all the material things to make them feel great. Others think it is getting something and feeling fulfilled by what life brings to the table. Where you are located geographically is a major part of your life and how you view things. Achievement has distinctive implications. It could mean fulfilling the errand of riding a bike, getting a driver’s permit, planting a vegetable farm, completing university, etc.

Children have a fresh and unique perspective. We may see a spot as a junkyard and a messy family life, whereas children see it as a cool spot to play indoor games or construct a tree fortification. Additionally, we may see a pool as a high-rank indication when children see it as a constrained space to have good times. They also see a stream or lake as an unending chance for fun.

People that think achievement is obtaining material things aren’t fulfilled once they obtain them. They’re miserable because they have looked for what others called happiness and not necessarily what makes them happy. That is because they carry on with their life to live up to other’s desires or expectations.

Other than all that we continue attempting until we climb the step and get to be successful so we can blend with the other individuals like us. That is the point at which we ought to take a look at the first meaning of success – is the accomplishment of something wanted, arranged or endeavored.

Success – A Unique Story

Recently, I talked with a lady who thought the significance of achievement was popularity and fortune. She graduated with distinction. Her first occupation, however, was not what she anticipated. It was an entry-level position that was low paying. According to her, she was not living the life she anticipated.

She was so troubled because she was carrying on with her life solely focused on recognitions. As time went on, she found that her satisfaction came from different things. Instead of climbing the corporate ladder, she married and had a family. This lady transformed her meaning of achievement and set goals to attain the things that would make her and her family happy.

Choose What Is Success To You

Last but not the least, you can feel rewarded in all aspects of your life. You simply choose what is success to you and go after it. Take a look at your individual life, family life, social life and financial circumstance, as well as, your goals. Then, set objectives in every region.

Do your best to obtain them by addressing one at a time or all of them at the same time. Keep in mind, however, that the meaning of success is not so much about achievement as it is about satisfaction. It’s about doing what you adore; feeling like you finished something and being your own self.

The one true fact is that you need to work smart, quick and consistent in every stage of your life to be successful. I wish a good luck.

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